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Our company focuses on product research and development, and has set up R&D bases in Hangzhou and Zhengzhou cities. The R&D team has more than 60 people. According to the characteristics of consumers,it provides comprehensive product solutions for the automakers , and is highly recognized by them.

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support capability

Participate in the organization to develop industry standards and voice the industry to standardize

Nile Enterprise Standard Guarantee Cooperative testing institutions: SGS, Penny, Hunpu, Deheng, etc.

Quality certification

Environmental and quality system certification

test credibility

In order to supply better services for automaker clients, NILE has reached a long-term cooperation with Shanghai Deheng Auto-Parts Testing Services Company,to provide timely and efficient service to customers.

Fair  /  Scientific  /  Accurate  /  Normative


  • Acoustic ability

    Sound absorption / sound insulation

    Airflow resistance / flow resistance rate

    Young's modulus / damping loss factor / Poisson's coefficient

  • Physical and mechanical properties

    Tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, breaking strength, peel strength, compressive strength, low temperature resistance, atmospheric aging, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, mass per unit area, compression set, burning characteristics , mold resistance, odor, atomization, thermal deformation, melt index, plastic impact, abrasion resistance, rubbing color fastness, Martin's abrasion resistance, ball indentation hardness, electric friction, leather resistance

  • Chemical properties

    Volatile Organic Compound / Aldehyde Ketone Detection / Formaldehyde Detection

Prohibited Substance Detection

Friction Resistance and Low Temperature Detection